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FRANKIIE is a Vancouver based 4-piece band of badass women playing psychedelic / dreamy rock.
With live shows from Mexico City to Haida Gwaii, an east coast U.S. tour supporting The Charlatans, the journey of FRANKIIE over the last year has been non-stop. Their latest album ‘Forget Your Head‘, on Paper Bag Records, marries the lush qualities of Big Thief with an intimate anthemic approach reminiscent of Heart.
Their new music moves away from folkier tendencies and into a more experimental alt-rock vibe. Reverb-drenched guitars and intoxicating harmonies have united 4 women into a dream-rock outfit whose live performance can’t be missed.
Twitter: @frankiietheband
Spotify: spotify:artist:0iZJ9pd8Ld6jzdPYEXegYD

Label: Paper Bag Records

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Album Reviews

 This all-female quartet’s new single transferred my imagination immediately to the sixties, to glorious girls band such as the Phil Spector produced The Ronettes & The Crystals and to the outspoken soul divas The Shirelles. Heartfelt harmonies, mixed emotions nostalgia, all graciously arranged and idyllically orchestrated. “Glory Me” is that kind of affecting song made to be played on a Wurlitzer jukebox, somewhere in an obscure small city bar, where lonely ones and isolated ones sit for hours and wonder about what went wrong in their lives. 

Turn Up The Volume

 The combination of breezy folk, tight, wailing harmonies and impressive vocal chops make Girl of Infinity a release that demands serious attention. FRANKIIE are an unapologetically feminine folk-pop powerhouse. 


 Well-crafted arrangements, skilled instrument playing, and storytelling lyrics display FRANKIIE’s great strength as songwriters and musicians, and showing us just how much power lays in femininity. 

The Daily Hive, Vancouver

 With an approach that masterfully marries Fleetwood Mac’s lush rock qualities with the intimate anthemic approach of Warpaint, “Glory Me” is a gorgeous, awe-inspiring single. The driving rhythms and the steely chimes of the reverb-drenched guitars are intoxicating and sublime, and the four-piece’s harmonies are stunning. What makes the song perfect for today is the band’s story, where they explain the liberation they felt after brushing aside unwanted expectations. Such freedom is what all strive to seek, and today that we push even harder to achieve. 

The Review

 This is good. Vancouver 4 piece FRANKIIE start off sounding like The Shangri-Las, then Fleetwood Mac, there’s even a bit of Springsteen in there, all wrapped in a rather satisfying shimmering Spector-esque package. Chiming guitars, towering melodies and a vocal that resides somewhere between Chrissie Hynde, Amy Lee and Mary Weiss. You get the picture, oh yeah and it’s about death, but isn’t actually bleak. 

The VMPE (Glory Me)

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