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God On My Right, are an alternative duo from Liverpool. Described as Industrial/ Electronic/ Dark-pop their music doesn’t always fit neatly into a genre.  They combine synths, drum machines and guitars to create visually influenced, immersive pop tunes with a dark heart.
The first part of their Double EP ‘Golden‘ is currently available on Deltasonic Records.
The band played The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City festivals last year and have had some high profile slots supporting Moon Duo, Zola Jesus and Perfume Genius. They took a break over the past few months from performing live to write and record for their next release and are looking forward to playing this material live as soon as possible.
Hyper: http://hyperurl.co/God-On-My-Right
Website: http://godonmyright.com/goldenpreview
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Godonmyright/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/godonmyright/
Twittter: https://twitter.com/GodOnMyRight

Label: Deltasonic Records

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 It's barbed electronics with an experimental pop whim, akin to Suicide, elements of early LCD, or even the more left field edge of 80s synth pop. 

Clash Music

 An alternative electronica twosome appearing out of nowhere, yet with a delectably dark aesthetic nailed, something special’s on its way from God on my Right. 


 God on my Right prove there is nothing sugar coated about electronic music in 2017. 


 It’s like the poppier sides of Nine Inch Nails and Sleigh Bells met Rage Against the Machine on a night out and eventually produced this preppy, angsty baby. It’s well good. 

Sounds Good

 They seem to dance between genres, balancing an experimental sound with fingers in the eighties, with the industrial, with city sounds, with bits of indie and flashes of grime. This is a dirty, angry, wonderful EP 

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