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1. Hanami Family - Higher Lover

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English cosmic psych folksters Hanami Family return with their new album ‘Lunar Ticks’ to coincide with the birth of their second child.
From the opening notes the voices interweave effortlessly with the harmonies tightly fused from 12 years of travelling and playing around the world. The album features a plethora of instruments from eco friendly hand made drums to 12-string guitars and singing bowls. Together founding members Keeley and John have honed the art of writing a great song, however it’s the honesty and confidence that comes from writing music simply for the love of it that sets this record free. From bittersweet gentling sung playful melodies to trippy pounding feral psych folk reminiscent of early Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band and Captain Beefheart, this record is a joy from start to finish.
Mixed and mastered by Joel Magill (Syd Arthur) and released by Smugglers Records UK and Celebration Days Records France.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanamifamily/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/46Ppo65uakeigLOWmmYdLY
Bandcamp: https://hanamifamily.bandcamp.com/releases
Website: www.hanamifamily.co.uk

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