The Gulls


1. The Bear

2. Revolution

3. Change

About Album

The Gulls are a four-piece rock & roll band living out on the road… the gritty old-fashioned way. Their lifestyle is reflected in their music – daring, audacious and full of surprises.
When The Gulls arrive in town, they come like an unstoppable force. No park, no beach, no high street is safe. In a matter of days large crowds flock for special concerts on the streets, in venues and in places of natural beauty alike.
With a professional sound whether they’re playing outdoors or indoors and a large social network The Gulls have a fresh perspective for what the post-Covid music industry has to offer. Since May, they have gained around 1,500 followers who have heard them play live and now with the release of their debut album ‘Don’t Feed The Gulls‘ they are sure to increase those numbers substantially.
The Gulls are a band like no other.
YouTube: The Gulls
YouTube: ‘Love, Love, Love’
Instagram: the_gulls_official/?hl=en
Facebook: thegullsofficial/

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