Bobby West


1. All My Years

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Bobby West meticulously pieces together tracks to paint an authentic depiction of his world. A dark gritty world of which he ruthlessly laments, yet like a man in the gutter reaching for the stars, Bobby gilds the edges of his world to create something beautiful. His lens is tinted with a sun drenched glow at stark contrast to his surroundings. A sweet juxtaposition that echoes in his music as he sings of terrible things in beautiful melodies, like a council estate Sinatra his golden voice self-deprecates in alluring harmony.
There is a rare, lived in truth all too apparent in Bobby’s nouveau croon.
The band release their debut single ‘As the Morning Crept In‘, this May.
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Twitter: @bobbywestworld 
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Spotify: ‘Laughing Gas or Misery’

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