Equipment Hire

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  • Small PA Packages From £70
    Our punchy small PA package comprises a pair of full range speakers, and includes mixer, iPod leads, stands and all the cable you need for a small venue. Perfect for DJ’s and performers.

  • Medium PA Packages From £175
    Our medium PA’s consist of a pair of active speakers and a pair of active subs, giving you extra low end which hits you right in the chest. Supplied with a choice of speaker poles or speaker stands, a choice of mixer, iPod lead and all the cables you need to give an excellent performance. An excellent upgrade for a DJ looking to have pumping bass or a performer looking to deliver a superior sound.

  • Large PA Packages From £250
    Perfect for any event in a larger sized venues and outdoors, our large PA packages consist of 2 full range speakers and 4 Active Subs. Mixer, iPod lead, stands and all the cables you need to deliver your best performance.

  • Array Packages Price Upon Request
    Our array is a high quality RCF comprising of HDL20 tops and massive 18” subs which can be configured in many different ways to provide exceptional quality sound for any event. We have capacity to build the system to any size or specification, including delay towers. We use Smart acoustic software to tune all our array systems to deliver the very best quality sound.

  • Monitor Packages From £15
    Our monitor packages start from £15 and vary in price depending on your needs, for more information, contact us today.

  • Headphone Monitoring Packages From £30
    We have several options for headphone monitoring. Spend less money on monitor speakers and eliminate feedback by moving everyone to in ears.

  • Wireless Systems From £25
    Choose from wireless lapel mics, wireless headset mics or wireless handheld mics. We can supply up to 20 simultaneous wireless units, perfect for theatre shows or large conferences.

  • Mic Packages
    Whether you are a single performer or a full orchestra, we have the mic package for you. Wired and wireless options are available in customisable packages. We stock all major brands including AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Lewitt, Rode, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure & Superlux.

  • Moving Head Fixtures From £25
    Our full range of moving heads are perfect for any event, we have mini movers, beam, wash and spot moving head all ready to hire today. Use combinations of the moving heads to really elevate your visual show to the next level.

  • LED Lighting From £10
    Our large range of LED lighting is prefect for any situation from small intimate event lighting to large scale festival lighting, we have the perfect selection to make your event special.

  • Atmospherics From £10
    Whether it’s a small smoke machine for effect to a large output hazer for a festival stage we can meet all your effect needs. Pyrotechnic effects can also be provided with an operator.


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