Whispering Pines Label

The Whispering Pines Collective record label started in May 2020 and has so far put out the following releases…


Bobby West –

All My Years (single)

Catalogue# WPC1003


1) All My Years (3.36)


Release Date:

27.11.2020 (Digital Download)



The song came about after my writing partner showed me a rough demo he’d made in our studio — just some chords on the Hammond organ with a glockenspiel melody over the top.

My initial thoughts were that it sounded like a lullaby, and that it would fit with a poem I had recently written for my girlfriend (apologising to her for being a miserable git).

It was one of the earliest ideas we actualised in this project, so it has been central to creating the sound of everything else we’ve done since.



Writers: Robert Westhead, Daniel Allen, Ryan Lavery

Performers: Bobby West, Daniel Allen, Ryan Lavery, Juan Sinovas, Liam Gardner, Alex Gavaghan, Joe Jackson

Production: Daniel Allen, James Mellor, Ben Booker



” ‘All My Years’ is a ballad that demands to be listened to, and with the added bonus of shimmering guitars throughout, this is without doubt, a truly fine single release. ”

-Wall of Sound


The Lotts –

We Are The Lotts (debut EP)

Catalogue# WPC1002


1) We Are The Lotts (2:20)

2) I Don’t (1:47)

3) Dumb (4:47)

4) Preacher Man (2:00)

5) Mouth (2:40)


Release Dates:

24.07.2020 (Digital Download)

30.10.2020 (12″ Vinyl)



The Lotts release their debut EP, ‘We Are The Lotts’ on the Whispering Pines Collective label, and after a delay on the vinyl release (due to COVID restrictions) we are thrilled to finally have our first physical record with its stunning sleeve artwork.



Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth

Produced and mixed by Thighpaulsandra

Mixed at Aeriel Studios, Brechfa

Mastered By Dom Sigalas

Track 2 Engineered by Joe Jones

Artwork from Uncle Dad (Mac DeMarco)



” ‘We Are The Lotts‘ is a garage rush full of bollocks, as is ‘I Don’t‘, another rush of gutter garage punk that ends abruptly. No fucking about with guitar solos here. ‘Dumb‘ rolls on through with excitement and you can feel the sweat of a small venue (don’t make me cry) running down your isolation beaten speakers.

Preacher Man‘ is more melodic and gives off a hint of what these lads are capable of when the starting gun is fired to let us back into our beloved venues. The only slow down for an out there ‘Mouth‘ which shows a psychedelic side courtesy of the great production, which is simple yet hard hitting. A weird little number which evokes the spirit of The Velvets.

A cracking debut from a band that mean it. No thrills, no nonsense garage from a bunch of energetic firebrands who are here to fuck shit up! ”
Louder Than War


Bobby West –

As The Morning Crept In (debut single)

Catalogue# WPC1001


1) As The Morning Crept In (4:44)


Release Date:

15.05.2020 (Digital Download)



Debut release from one of Liverpool’s up and coming bands.



Writers:  Daniel Allen, Robert Westhead, Ryan Lavery



” ‘As The Morning Crept In‘ sashays beneath heavy moonlight with a midnight hour accompaniment of light keys and comforting sax. Heavy on charm and foreboding melancholy, this one is a good fit for the late night lone-rangers out there. ”

Bido Lito