Sound Technicians


Graham Fryearson

Sound Engineer


Based: Liverpool


Work Area: North West/North Wales


Experience: An experienced Sound engineer who has worked for Hoburne Holiday Parks, Alexanders (Chester), Chester Student Union and Sound and Light at Nightwrk Wrexham


Mike Ledwards

Sound Engineer


Based: Winsford, Cheshire


Work Area: Within 50 mile radius


Experience: 10+ years stage managing & engineering @Debees, worked a few small festivals, 4-5 years as a studio engineer, + some lighting & spotting experience. Currently freelancing as a mixing and mastering engineer & DAW Programmer/Engineer fluid with Logic and Cubase.


Worked With: Digital & analog mixing desks (preference: analog), standard outboard gear (compression, noiseGates, etc), Lighting desks & software. Wireless Mics and Transmitters, Equilizers and limiters, Outboard recording devices.


Thomas Hayes

Sound Engineer


Based: Winsford, Cheshire


Work Area: Available to travel all over UK


Experience: FAB Festival (as sound engineer and stage hand), Offcut Festival (as sound engineer and stage hand), Multiple small indoor venues, with capacities from 50-500 (as sound engineer), Theatre (as sound engineer for actors with mics) and Neon Palms studio (as assistant sound engineer).


Worked With: Stage Box 8 inputs, 3m XLR x3  6m XLR x5  10m XLR x5, 4 mic stand, Rode M1 (dynamic), Rode M3 (condenser), Rode NTA1 (condenser), DI x2 (mono/bal/unbal), Focusrite 2i4 for field recording, Pro Tools 12 with additional paid for plugins.

Allen & Heath GL2400 (lots of experience), Allen & Heath GSR24 (lot of experience), Little use of Behringer X32 compact, Behringer XENYX QX2442 (lots of experience and know how to record from desk to DAW), Pro Tools 10/11/12 (DAW of choice), Logic 9, Logic X.


Laurynas Vytas

Sound Engineer


Based: Camden, Greater London


Work Area: 5-10 mile radius from central London


Experience: Commercial studio experience regarding Music production, Sound Design, Composition. Technical experience gained through working with AUDIO HIRE which required setting up equipment for various conferences, events, parties, etc. Able to handle lav mics, setting up a DJ booth, PA, Lights etc.


Worked With: Full PA system setups, DJ equipment, various microphone types, instruments, Band setups. Have knowledge of various microphone techniques.


Mike Grainger

Sound Engineer


Based: Warrington


Work Area: North-West


Experience: FOH Engineer and Monitors for a variety of venues and (small to mid-sized) and outdoor events/ festivals. Multi-Camera live streaming. Location multitrack audio recording.


Worked With: Digital and analogue systems, Live video streaming, camera operation and vision/ audio mixing for live music events.

Can provide full PA (including staging and lighting) on request.

Location multitrack audio recording service, also on request.



Stu Jones

Sound Engineer


Based: Liverpool


Work Area: North-West


Experience: 5 years experience recording/ mixing engineer for commercial studios, 2 years experience FOH engineer for small venues, 2 years experience technician and FOH engineer for corporate events.

[cannot supply equipment]


Worked With: Most digital and analogue large format consoles, guitar and drum maintenance, microphones and positioning techniques, PA system setup, outboard effects and dynamic processing.


Tim Harrison

Sound Engineer


Based: Liverpool


Work Area: 20 miles (maybe more depending on event)


Experience: Assisted the live sound engineer for 808 State. This was part of their series of warm ups for a tour in late 2018.

Hope & Glory and Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia (2017). Various venues around the North West providing sound for the band and Assistant stage Manager.

MSP, provided setting up of the stage and live sound throughout various conference events. Use of lav microphones. Worked in various small theatre productions and conferences in St. Georges Hall, Liverpool.


Worked With: Mixing desks, Dshow, Ghost, Auident, C24, DAWS, Pro tools, Logic pro, Ableton live, Outboard units, Compressors, EQ, FX units, DI boxes, Lights and PAs.


Luc Phan

Sound Engineer


Based: Manchester


Work Area: All over the UK


Experience: Live sound for various venues and events around Manchester (The Cinnamon Club, Night People, Marsden Jazz Festival and The (ex) Wonder Inn…), location and studio recordings for various local artists and volunteer sound tech for Manchester Jazz Festival.

I personally own a Soundcraft MTK 22 (mixing desk) and a Yamaha DBR 15 (active speaker), I usually hire needed equipment from Noiseboys Studio in Salford (Full PA -2 tops & 1 sub, digital desk, microphones, etc.) or borrow from fellow sound engineers (PA, microphones, DI boxes, cables etc.). I can also provide location multi-track recording.

I am proficient on Berhinger X32, Midas M32 and any analogue desks. I am fairly familiar with Allen & Heath Qu-16 and Yamaha M7CL. Trained on Digidesign D-Show. Any standard outboard gear when using analogue desks.


Worked With: Digital & analogue (Berhinger X32, Midas M32, Allen & Heath Qu-16, Yamaha M7CL, Allen & Heath GL2400, Soundcraft GB series, QSC Touchmix, Soundcraft Ghost, Audient, C24, Neve VRP 60/48). Standards outboard gears (Compressor, gate, EQ…), Pro Tools 12, Logic X, Ableton Live.


Thomas M Wright

Sound Engineer


Based: Warrington


Work Area: North West (but further away depending on event)


Experience: FOH & monitors on a large variety of small-medium indoor gigs, as well as work on mid-sized outdoor festivals such as Off Cut, RivFest and Warrington Music Festival. Experience with rigging, stage design, lighting operation. In-house engineer at LiveBars, Warrington.


Worked With: Analogue & digital mixing desks and PA systems, including use of digital standards such as Dante. Experience with digital consoles, extensively the X/M32, and Yamaha M7CL, CL5, 01v and LS9. Various recording equipment and DAW software including Pro Tools 12, Logic X, Cubase 9.


Can supply mixing desk (X32), PA systems, staging, rigging and lighting upon request.