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Sometimes things just come together in the most organic and natural way, in a pub full of music and laughter. For trio Motel Sundown, it was on the Liverpool gigging circuit where all three members; singer-songwriters Naomi Campbell, Karen Turley and Rob Johnson met back in 2016.
Given that their voices were such a perfect fit, it made sense to write songs together too and so Motel Sundown formed in 2018. With no front person, and all three members holding equal footing in the band as songwriter and performer, they set to work, bringing each of their songs to the table and combining their musical talents and expertise.
Since 2018 they’ve released three singles together; ‘Chicago’, ‘Light of My Life’ and ‘Before Midnight’.
They have enjoyed support from the British Country Music Association, and radio stations Radio Wirral, BBC Merseyside, BBC Radio Ulster and Express FM. BBC Introducing have remained a huge support since the band’s first single in 2019. Motel Sundown recently supported The Hanging Stars at St Michael’s Church, Aigburth and Ashley Campbell at The Cavern, Liverpool. They also played at this year’s British Country Music Festival in Blackpool alongside Tom Odell and The Wandering Hearts.
Now, they have just released their gorgeous debut album ‘If You Were Listening’, a beautifully melodious melting pot of Country, Americana and Folk-Rock, made all the richer by their beguiling three-part harmonies. The album was produced by Mercury Prize nominee ‘Andy Ross’ and features Pedal Steel legend Gerry Hogan.
Motel Sundown are back to doing what they love best, playing live shows both acoustic and with their full band. Putting out an album and extending their already burgeoning local fanbase will only take their dreams further.
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