1. Closer to me

About Album


A two piece band so powerful, they became an instant success in their home of Wales and beyond, when their first single on Recordiau Côsh Records was catapulted around the globe by Spotify’s biggest rock playlists. ‘Gwenwyn’ (Poison) was the 1st Welsh language song to be streamed a million times on the platform, and since then, the band have had similar successes with their follow-up singles, ‘Pla’ (Plague), ‘Full Moon Vulture’ and also ‘Black Angel’, the lead track form their debut album ‘Freedom from the Poisonous Shadows’. “Alffa never disappoints. their music is great, their personality is lovable, and for a band who cares about quality, nobody does it better” – Keep Walking Music.

The band have stunned crowds with a massive sound that has pleased industry listeners and punters alike at Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City festivals, but as with many young acts, progress was cut short in early 2020. Dion Jones (Guitar) and Siôn Land (Drums) have never waited for opportunities to arrive, but rather elected to smash down doors and create their own path as a band.

Their new material offers an exciting, exhilarating and thrilling experience to the listener and fans of heavy rock genres with their new upcoming single, ‘Closer To Me’ arguably being their best sounding single yet offering a more powerful, ‘punchy’ and ‘dirty’ sound compared to songs from the first album. The band will be working with award winning producer/sound engineer, Gethin Pearson to create an album that will be filled with immense and massive sounding tracks to take Alffa to the next level sonically.




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