1. Automobile

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Emerging from the rubble of the tumultuous 2020-21 period, Angel Hotel brought a ray of light to the music scene. Formed in Cardiff, Wales in 2020, this up-and-coming band forged their infectious sound despite the challenges of that era. Led by frontman Siôn Russell Jones, whose unique vocals evoke both contemporary artists and classic rock legends, Angel Hotel quicky built a reputation for high-energy, crowd-pleasing live performances.


Blending catchy original numbers with creative covers like their version of the Super Furry Animals’ hit “Torra Fy Ngwallt yn Hir,” Angel Hotel wins over audiences with their charisma and musicality. Propulsive rhythms, bright guitar hooks, and Jones’ cheeky infectious voice come together into a distinctive sound that is retro yet current.


After honing their act through nonstop gigging locally, the band started to draw attention beyond South Wales. Their string of catchy singles including ‘Rumpy Pumpy’ and ‘Automobile’ have earned acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens for their nostalgic rock vibe. With a fanbase growing fast, Angel Hotel continues to light up every stage and room they play. This is a band on the rise that manages to bottle the fun, freewheeling spirit of a great rock show. Carys, Jordan, Stu and Siôn are raring to give everyone a good time.





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