1. Grey Skies

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Astles is an artist who seeks the grandiose in the bare necessities, an artist who tells tales of the human condition in wistful soft focus, an artist worthy of your attention.
Described as ‘gorgeous, lilting indie’ by the NME, Astles recently signed to leading Liverpool independent collective, Eggy Records, and has spent the lockdown hours recording a series of songs under the direction of Bill Ryder-Jones.
Before the world changed: the world changed for Astles. After the loss of his beloved, music obsessive, uncle, Astles inherited a treasure trove of mixtapes that exposed him to the hope and possibility contained within the popular song.
Today, Astles’ songwriting celebrates the outsider and the refuge of music to a young lad in the North West, surrounded by football-focussed men and machismo to which his music is the perfect and subtle antidote.
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 What sets Astles apart from the glut of ostentatious young pretenders is his composure, a polish beyond his years on that material that, given his youth, must surely bely more than a smattering of innate talent for his art. 


 Full Of Wonder is something very special. Here are a set of songs that you have to consciously engage with to get the best out of. And Astles’ mature and thought-through production really facilitates this. Within it, he manages to sonically capture the emotional kernel of the composition 

Liverpool Noise

 A work of texture, maturity and informed songwriting, this EP is a testament to Astles as a musician, to the work he puts in, and to Liverpool as a city. We are privileged to call the hotly tipped star one of our own. 

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