Bobby West & The Outsiders


1. All My Years

About Album

Bobby West meticulously pieces together tracks to paint an authentic depiction of his world. A dark gritty world of which he ruthlessly laments, yet like a man in the gutter reaching for the stars, Bobby gilds the edges of his world to create something beautiful. His lens is tinted with a sun drenched glow at stark contrast to his surroundings. A sweet juxtaposition that echoes in his music as he sings of terrible things in beautiful melodies, like a council estate Sinatra his golden voice self-deprecates in alluring harmony.
There is a rare, lived in truth all too apparent in Bobby’s nouveau croon.
The band released their debut single ‘As the Morning Crept In‘, last May, and have recently followed it up, this February, with ‘All My Years‘ and are currently working on their debut album to be released later in the year.
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Twitter: @bobbywestworld 
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Spotify: ‘Laughing Gas or Misery’

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