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As their name suggests, Feral Family are hungry and relentless, it’s in their DNA. Raised in a quiet seaside town on the east coast of Yorkshire, the band have cut their teeth with passionate performances on the U.K. live circuit for several (pre-pandemic) years now. This band of brothers have a tireless dedication in bringing their distinctive sound to the masses. Unleashing a six song cycle of releases stretching into 2022, recent single ‘Failing From The Start’ (collaborating with go-to Producer Gavin Monaghan) has been hailed as “a perfect blend of haunting vocals mixed with the in-your-face sound of The Killers and Foals” -Christian Carlisle (BBC Introducing Sheffield)
Searing new single ‘Save It For The Day‘ feels like it’s unleashed from several fathoms below. A vibrating wall of sound, a virtual assault of bass, beats, howling guitar – and taunting, (aforementioned) haunting vocals. Like an apocalypse you can move your feet to.
“For us this track perfectly personifies who we are and what we love about music with its sheer raw chaos. Wild and in your face, now that sums us up to a tee. Our music isn’t going to be clean cut and perfect. It has to have the grit, anxiety and passion. It’s a complete reflection on what is going on with us right now.”

Spotify: ‘Crying on the Inside’
Youtube: ‘Crying on the Inside’
Instagram: FeralFamilyUK
Twitter: @FeralFamilyUK

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 If you are yet to meet the three-piece live in action, then the ‘Sasquatch’ video is the perfect remedy to quench your craving. The visual is an up-close and personal representation of what you can expect Feral Family to deliver in a live setting; and we for one, cannot wait to immerse ourselves in the real deal. 


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