The Hangman’s Howl


1. Hurricane

About Album

The Hangman’s Howl are a newly-formed alternative rock band from the North West of the UK. Comprised of Theo Wall (vocals, guitar), Ryan Firth (vocals, guitar), Will Pirie (drums), and Kyle Hewitt (bass), this talented quartet creates a unique and electrifying sound.


With their powerful riffs and mesmerizing vocal harmonies, The Hangman’s Howl deliver high-energy performances that bring together elements from a wide range of influences. Their live shows are known for their raw and dynamic sound, leaving audiences eager for more.


The intricate interplay between Theo and Ryan’s vocals, combined with the driving beats of Will’s drumming and Kyle’s bass lines, creates a musical experience that is both captivating and memorable.


For fans of alternative rock seeking something fresh and exciting, The Hangman’s Howl is a band to keep an eye out for.




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