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1. It's Been a Pleasure

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The Hazy Janes are a dynamic rock duo from Halifax, United Kingdom. How the White Stripes might sound if they came from Yorkshire, drank craft ales and listened to Led Zeppelin.
Championed by the likes of BBC Introducing and Planet Rock, the Hazy Janes combine the energy and electricity of ‘60s rock with the groove and attitude of blues legends like Freddie King. Combining open and honest song-writing with feisty melodies, the Hazy Janes take listeners on a journey from moments of delicate vulnerability to high-octane rock ‘n’ roll.
The Hazy Janes first developed their sound by exchanging voice notes during the COVID-19 lockdown. Since then, the duo have performed relentlessly across the UK, releasing music through Hull-based label, Fast and Bulbous, linked to the legendary New Adelphi Club. Whilst based in Yorkshire, the band have carved out growing followings in areas including Sheffield, Hull, Manchester and London, where they recently supported Nashville blues-rock trailblazers, The Cold Stares.
Spring 2022 saw the duo release their debut EP, It’s Been a Pleasure, which received airtime from their local BBC Introducing station, and who invited the band to play an exclusive live session. The band also promoted the EP during a 13-date UK tour, performing everywhere from Newport and Brighton, to Middlesbrough and York.
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Album Reviews

 Hang on a minute, how lethal was that session from the Hazy Janes?! I thought it was absolutely quality 

-BBC Music Introducing York & North Yorkshire

 This band will explode into 2022… these lads come across like a two-man Led Zeppelin with interstellar rocket engines! 

-With Just a Hint of Mayhem

 We love The Hazy Janes 

-BBC Music Introducing Humberside

 A band to be reckoned with… the talk of the town 

-Sesh Events