Ugly Mothers


1. Gringo

About Album

Spaghetti-Western garage-rock band Ugly Mothers have garnered an unpredictable and powerful live reputation and have been busy in their East-London studio preparing their follow-up to their debut, Garden of Eden EP.
Priding themselves on the unconventional, the counter-culture group take inspiration from Spaghetti Western film-soundtracks such as Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarrantino, as well as James Bond themes. Ugly Mothers inject blockbuster Hollywood guitar riffs with a cynical, quintessentially British snarl.
Thematically, Ugly Mothers refuse to conform to standardised song topics, instead choosing to write songs referring to a wide variety of obscure topics including; wealthy white men captured in South America and held hostage (Gringo), lively brothels in occupied Paris (Armistice), the sex-tourism industry in the Far-East (LYLT) and the mental health of army veterans suffering from PTSD (Garden of Eden).
Stumbling straight out of sticky Leytonstone and Walthamstow pubs via Bootle Liverpool and fuelled by battered sausages from greasy chip-shops, Ugly Mothers juggle bar-work, superiority complexes, alcoholism and casual drug abuse, while using their dirty guitar music as an escape from an otherwise boring, humdrum and unsuccessful life, riddled with financial insecurity, limited career opportunities and disappointing romantic relationships.

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