Psycho Comedy – Performance Space Number One

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With sleepless shades of the Iggy classic ‘Lust For Life’, ‘I’m Numb’ is a wiry mass of guillotine guitars, wild-eyed lyricism and thrashing percussion. Ejected with such frenzied execution, it’s a hit that barely lasts 3 minutes, but is fully aware of how to savour in every second. Purchase online – delivery in two-three days

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Psycho Comedy are an art collective from Liverpool. Since their formation in 2015, they have
now grown into a group of seven with a poet (Matthew Thomas Smith) and an in-house artist
(Sophia Rose Powell) now frequent collaborators with the unit. In their work, Psycho Comedy
aim to paint a world not only through rock’n’roll music but through many forms of art, including
poetry, photography and film.

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Pink Cassette, 12" Vinyl

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1 review for Psycho Comedy – Performance Space Number One

  1. Rusty

    boss album ive heard this year

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